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Our training courses will help:

  • Expand career opportunities available to you.
  • Enhance your confidence in understanding the various tests available.
  • Increase your competence in interpreting test results, where applicable.
  • Grow your educational assessment skills, in order to plan appropriate interventions for students.
  • Communicating your understanding to others (e.g. parents or fellow colleagues).
  • With understanding and confidently interpreting reports from other professionals.
  • With understanding how tests are developed and standardised.
  • Analyse test manuals to decide if the test is reliable, valid and appropriate for your student.

Watch this short explainer video on how two of our most popular courses (CCET & AAT) have enhanced teachers levels of competence and confidence in the area of assessment and testing.


  • The course was very beneficial for Early Years services and will enable you to assess younger children to determine strengths and needs in their development at this stage
  • The course provides strategies to improve assessment accuracy and speed of assessment
  • Great course, very interesting and relevant to current practice.
  • This course has given me more confidence and knowledge in administering and interpreting the Bayleys
  • Eithne Uí Chonail
    Extremely Useful, I feel anybody who is going to use the WISC-V should do a course such as this.
    Eithne Uí Chonail
  • Maria Casson
    Lovely presentation, well organised and very informative slides. Excellent and very useful course
    Maria Casson
  • Áine Smyth
    Most helpful and relevant, not time wasted on the basic of testing; teaching immediately directed to the relevant aspects of the WISC-V to new users
    Áine Smyth
  • Deirdre Griffin
    Provided good context to understanding rational and practicalities. Informative and clear
    Deirdre Griffin
  • Patrick Hegarty
    Well worth doing to give insight / understanding of WISC-V
    Patrick Hegarty
  • Carmel Carroll
    Excellent course, also a great refresher on previous statistical knowledge. Gives great insight into how tests are built and used.
    Carmel Carroll
    Disability Officer, Dublin City University
  • Carol Ellis
    Very satisfied with the course, gave in depth knowledge of different styles of tests and the statistics aspects were fantastic. Brilliant and detailed insight into ed psych reports. Broadened knowledge into how it works
    Carol Ellis
    Disability Officer, Dublin City University
  • Nicola Wood
    I found the course extremely worthwhile. I feel more confident that I can assess students and report back on findings. Very professional, interesting and engaging. Well worth doing - it will be very empowering!
    Nicola Wood
    Wesley College, Dublin
  • Tomás Hayes
    Very beneficial for teachers / SEN teachers. Very enjoyable. Very beneficial course where the information / learning can be brought back to the workplace. Good mix of listening / learning and hands on activities.
    Tomás Hayes
    Principal, St. Thomas's National School, Dublin
  • Simone Redmond
    Really enjoyable, very intense but very beneficial. It was very interesting and I've come away with a lot of information. Really opens up your eyes to testing and the work that goes into everything. I now understand where a lot of the information in the manuals come from and how to administer tests and correct them. I can now do things in school that I have not done before.
    Simone Redmond
    Teacher, Willow Park School, Dublin
  • Alison Pigot
    Very detailed and stimulating
    Alison Pigot
    Teacher, The Children's House Montessori Primary School, Dublin
  • Jane Ennis
    I thought the course was excellent. I will feel far more confident interpreting educational psychologist reports. Also more confident about conducting screening and investigating screening options.
    Jane Ennis
    Disability Support Service, NUI Galway
  • Alison Perry, SENCO
    This was an enlightening course.  I have been working with testing and psychology reports for many years and this is the first time that I actually feel confident in understanding test results, their reliability and what they actually mean. You only think you have knowledge about diagnostic testing until you attend this course.
    Alison Perry, SENCO
    Secondary School
  • This course is a must!  It has given me a thorough insight into the reliability of tests which I have used, will not now use and tests I will now buy.
  • Leone Loughran
    Intense but very worthwhile. I feel I have gained invaluable knowledge in relation to educational testing.  I am looking forward to putting all of my knowledge into action and developing my skills.
    Leone Loughran
    Classroom Assistant, Secondary School
  • Noreen McQuaid, Learning Support Teacher
    I was delighted with the course.  It was intense but equally invigorating.  The tutors were excellent, helpful and available for us throughout the days.  This was a thoroughly enjoyable course
    Noreen McQuaid, Learning Support Teacher
    Secondary School
  • Fantastic - very clever explanations of complicated processes.  A lot better understanding of what I am doing and why
  • Mary Cant
    The course really helped to consolidate my previous knowledge and sharpen proper administration of measure.
    Mary Cant
  • Lynne Herbison, SENCO
    It is intense but very worthwhile if you are a SENCO as it helps decode Ed Psych reports.
    Lynne Herbison, SENCO
    Primary School
  • Marie Prenderville
    The staff are extremely helpful and friendly, right from the first phone call I made.
    Marie Prenderville
  • Marie Prenderville
    Kieron was my daughter's psychologist, he made her feel completely at ease and they had a few jokes and laughs throughout the assessment, which was lovely to hear. I would 100% recommend Eirim.
    Marie Prenderville
  • We had our son assessed for Dyslexia for the second time in 3 years by Ms. Rebecca Good and we cannot speak highly enough about Rebecca or Eirim. They have excellent staff, both Rebecca and Geraldine (in the office) were extremely helpful throughout the whole process, answering any questions we had and re-assuring us on dates, time and arrangements. The service and support you receive could not be faulted.
  • From the first phone call to Eirim, to meeting with Kieron on the assessment afternoon, everyone was so supportive and caring to myself my husband and child, thank you. Kieron is an exceptionally caring person, he was super with our child and also had a lovely chat with myself and my husband. He gave us great advice, our report was ready a week after the assessment and has been a great help for our child’s school.
  • My son is 18 years of age and had an assessment done in my home as he was very anxious. He needed to be assessed to help him go forward with his education and get the correct assistance in college regarding resources available to him. I believe the money paid is invaluable as you cannot put a price on education and your livelihood in the future.
  •  Linda Moody
    CCET and AAT courses are invaluable. Lots of support and guidance provided throughout’.
    Linda Moody
  • Mary Gavin
    Excellent courses given - thank you for all. Both the CCET and AAT were highly engaging and informative.
    Mary Gavin
  •  Kirstie Anne
    I completed the course on Exam Access Arrangements and I must say it was such a worthwhile course! I found the course absolutely fantastic and so informative! It has really helped me so much in my role. The girls that took the course were fantastic and so approachable. They created a relaxed atmosphere and made it so easy to ask questions. I definitely recommend doing this course as it can help you so much in terms of understanding and knowledge on Exam Access Arrangements!
    Kirstie Anne
  • Dominick Lewis
    We had our son assessed in his school before Christmas. Excellent staff, both Rebecca Good (Psychologist) and Geraldine (in the office) were extremely helpful throughout the whole process, answering any questions we had and re-assuring us on dates, times and arrangements. Could not be faulted. Very professional and helpful. I would highly recommend them to anyone.
    Dominick Lewis
  • Joan Mckay
    We had our daughter assessed a few weeks ago at their offices, when we met with our Psychologist we found him to be very friendly, helpful and caring, he gave us lots of advice, direction and reassurance. We are so glad we got her privately assessed and got answers so we can finally help her.
    Joan Mckay
  • Yvonne Carroll
    Thank you so much for your kindness to my son when you carried out an assessment at my home. My son was put at great ease before the test and the amount of reassurance that he received after the testing was of great benefit to him as he is 18 years of age and this put his mind at ease that he is not stupid but has a specific learning difficulty.
    Yvonne Carroll
  • Edward Mazzacano
    Very professional CCET training programme that is very comprehensive and well organised. I would recommend it to anyone getting involved in Educational Testing.
    Edward Mazzacano
  • Lisa Acheson
    I completed the CCET and AAT courses this year. The course leaders were fantastic, they were really helpful both during and after the course. I would highly recommend Eirim.
    Lisa Acheson
  • Practical applications with well supported use of resources to teach/show/apply.
  • Louise Cox
    Extremely informative & practical.
    Louise Cox
    Teacher with students of ASD
  • Pavashne Mariah
    Practical implementation
    Pavashne Mariah
    Social Worker & Play Therapist Trainer
  • Deirdre
    Great to learn about something that translates exactly into real life experience.
    (Senior SLT)
  • Very useful to structure our existing intervention
  • Maran Kelly-O’Neill
    Presented in a clear concise way
    Maran Kelly-O’Neill
    Chartered Psychologist PSI
  • Sharon Scanlon
    I enjoyed the practical parts of the session & role plays. Can’t wait to start using the approach at work.
    Sharon Scanlon
  • Analisse Cedeno Ameijeiras
    Role play was very easy to understand and gave a lot of ideas for work
    Analisse Cedeno Ameijeiras
  • Very enjoyable and practical
  • Really enjoyed the session, and the opportunities for talk was informative and worthwhile
  • Practical, hands on experience was really helpful to understand the challenges that the children could face.
  • Relaxing yet engaging environment. Hands on practical side of LEGO club.
  • Derek Carney
    Practical ideas and the opportunity to hear more about the background to lego based therapy.
    Derek Carney
    Support teacher in a mainstream primary school
  • Niamh Edge
    What an amazing and engaging day! Such practical and useful advice for inclusion.
    Niamh Edge
    Special Education Teacher
  • Michelle Ruddy
    I feel very informed about LEGO therapy & confident to lead this at school. I am further interested in using this area as a focus for my masters.
    Michelle Ruddy
    Junior Infants Teacher
  • Owen Gibson
    Excellent with plenty of breaks & laughs.
    Owen Gibson
    Carer and Parent
  • Useful strategies for practical use in schools
  • Roisin Folen
    Great ideas for teachers
    Roisin Folen
  • Meabh McGreevy
    Excellent, very satisfied. Plenty of materials that will be very useful
    Meabh McGreevy
    Teacher Loreto College
  • Meabh McGreevy
    Excellent value for money.
    Meabh McGreevy
    Teacher Loreto College
  • Juanita Lovett
    Great Examples and Very Knowledgeable Advice.
    Juanita Lovett
  • Emer O’Riordan
    Excellent- clearly presented and explained- very well planned- really met my needs.
    Emer O’Riordan
  • Caroline Coughlan
    Examples were very useful.
    Caroline Coughlan
  • Michelle Knight
    Informative, clear, and well delivered.
    Michelle Knight
  • Michelle Knight
    Well worth attending, very useful.
    Michelle Knight
  • Patricia Fahy
    A must for learning support teacher.
    Patricia Fahy
  • Excellent Rebecca was brilliant. 
  • Rosemary Browne
    Eirim’s courses are all of the highest quality. Rebecca’s expertise is so apparent in her presentations and she always imparts the information in a clear and unambiguous manner. Thank you, Eirim!
    Rosemary Browne
  • Patricia Timoney
    Very helpful; gives me the confidence to start using this new test. Thanks
    Patricia Timoney
  • Lisa Foley
    Very informative and worthwhile.
    Lisa Foley