1. By becoming a client of Éirim you enter into a contract by which you: (a) Confirm that you are willing to participate fully in the course (b) Agree to pay the relevant fees (c) Agree not to plagiarise the work of others or in any way try to pass yourself off as competent by means of deception (d) Agree to take full responsibility for your actions and opinions (e) Confirm that you have, or are willing to secure access to, relevant materials where the course necessitates this (f) Agree to abide by these terms and conditions.
  2. If you are enrolling on a course that involves working with clients of your own (e.g. children and/or vulnerable adults) you further: Confirm that you have legitimate access to children / adults within an educational establishment and that permission has been sought and agreed from the head of that establishment to work with those children / adults for the purpose of practising the competences in the course. Confirm that you will not work with any client, either individually or in a group, without gaining informed consent from the client or, in case of children, their parents or legal guardians. Confirm that you have been or are willing to be subject to suitable Criminal Records Bureau check if appropriate and have no undeclared offences that might put your clients at risk.
  3. Booking a course confirms your willingness to pay the fees and undertake the work required.
  4. We reserve the right to refuse clients for any reason.
  5. Courses normally run with a suitable minimum of participants. Should a course be cancelled because of shortage of participants you will be offered a place on an alternative course or a full refund of fees paid.
  6. Where a person is enrolling on the Certificate of Competence in Educational Testing and/or the Access Arrangements (collectively known as the Educational Testing and Access Arrangements Course), all post course assignments must be completed within 6 months of the start date of that course. Extension beyond these times is at the discretion of Éirim Ltd and is subject to a fee payment of £200/€200 (extension of 3 months). Participants cannot be awarded extensions beyond 24 months from the course start date and any coursework submitted after this time will not be accepted. Where 24 months has elapsed since the start of a course participants can apply in writing (via email) to Éirim Ltd to have their competence re-affirmed. This can be conducted at the discretion of Éirim Ltd and fees will be charged accordingly.


  1. All fees are payments in advance.
  2. Payment of invoices or receipt of purchase orders are required within 30 days of date of invoice or according to the instalment schedule. For courses that have a specified enrolment or attendance date fees are payable in full before enrolment or attendance. Participants many be refused entry to a course if payment or a purchase order has not been received prior to the course start date.
  3. If a payment by instalment arrangement has been agreed the payments must be made according to the schedule agreed. The payment schedule for corporate clients will be stated in the estimate.
  4. Extensions of course work and deferrals are subject to payment of an additional fee (see General section, point 6).
  5. Should a participant need to reschedule and move to a later scheduled course, the participant is subject to a change fee. If the participant notifies Éirim in writing (via email) at least one month (30 days) prior to the scheduled start date, there is no change fee. If the participant notifies Éirim in writing (via email) less than one month (30 days) prior to the scheduled start date the participant will need to pay £200/ €200 change fee in order to rebook on a new course. The participant is subject to multiple change fees for every course date moved.  A participant cannot reschedule a course if it is due to start within 7 (seven) working days and no refund will be given.
  6. Clients are liable for any bank charges incurred in payment of fees.
  7. Unless stated otherwise fees levied by professional organisations for registration are payable by the client.


  1. A full refund on any course less any bank charges will be given if two months’ notice (60 days or more notice) is given in writing (via email). A 50% refund will be given if 1-2 month’s notice is given (between 30-59 day’s notice). No refund will be given if less than one month’s notice (30 days) is given. All notice must be given in writing (via email).
  2. A full refund less any bank charges will be given if two months notice is given. 50% refund will be given if 1-2 months notice is given. No refund will be given if less than one months notice is given. All notice must be given via email.
  3. Should it become necessary for Education Elephant to cancel a course for any reason in advance of the start date, Education Elephant will provide refunds if we can not accommodate participants on another similar or equivalent course to the client’s satisfaction.


Personal Information

  1. The majority of correspondence with and from Éirim is conducted electronically using e-mail and web-based protocols. By your interacting with our website, and opting into our list or making a purchase, your details will be added automatically to our database.  Your details will not be passed on or sold to any third party without your permission, unless requested by law or a similar authority.
  2. Éirim uses cookies to track usership on our website and related social and digital media advertising properties including Facebook, Google, Twitter in order to provide you with a better customer experience and tailor offers to suit your unique needs. The systems can typically track your location via IP address so that we can determine which of our services is appropriate to offer you.
  3. Éirim abides by the Data Protection Act.

Rights and responsibilities of Éirim

  1. Éirim agrees to provide its clients with some or all of the following:
  • Relevant course material.
  • An assessment methodology suitable for the course.
  1. We reserve the right to change payment of the enrolment fee prices without notice. This will not affect those who have already booked on the course at an agreed rate.
  2. Éirim reserves the right to terminate any enrolment if it suspects that any part of these terms and conditions have been broken.
  3. Éirim Ltd reserves the right to change the advertised trainer of a course at any time. All participants will be notified of any trainer changes made.


  1. If you have a complaint about any products or services provided by Éirim please contact training@eirim.ie or telephone 01 4992217. One of our managers will contact you within 10 working days (excepting periods of closure normally Christmas and August).
  2. The manager will investigate your complaint and aim to provide a satisfactory way forward within a further 10 working days, subject to the limits outlined in these terms and conditions.

Liability and contractual obligations

  1. No other statements in the training materials, on the website or e-mail correspondence may be taken to imply any contractual obligation by Éirim.
  2. Any liability will be limited to the payment of the enrolment fee paid, except in the event of personal injury or death at an event organised by Éirim.
  3. Information, whether on the web or in any other form, is provided for the use of clients and others at their own discretion. No liability will be accepted for the accuracy of any information or the consequences of its use by clients or others.
  4. Nothing in this agreement or in any material on the website or any other correspondence between us shall confer or purport confers on any third party any benefit or any right to enforce terms of this agreement.
  5. All client contracts are governed by and construed in accordance with Irish law and the parties agree to submit to exclusive jurisdiction of the Irish Courts.