RACE/ DARE Informational Sessions

In this half day course we’ll have a chance to learn about applying for accommodations for students and any new regulations and rules regarding testing and preparations for assessing students with regards to DARE/RACE supports in the Republic of Ireland. A look at several tests, including the new Irish-normed SPaRCS test, and the Woodcock Johnson IV, plus general good practice guidelines will be reviewed.


  • Juanita Lovett
    Great Examples and Very Knowledgeable Advice.
    Juanita Lovett
  • Emer O’Riordan
    Excellent- clearly presented and explained- very well planned- really met my needs.
    Emer O’Riordan
  • Caroline Coughlan
    Examples were very useful.
    Caroline Coughlan
  • Michelle Knight
    Informative, clear, and well delivered.
    Michelle Knight
  • Michelle Knight
    Well worth attending, very useful.
    Michelle Knight
  • Patricia Fahy
    A must for learning support teacher.
    Patricia Fahy
  • Excellent Rebecca was brilliant.