Preparing to Test with the Woodcock Johnson IV (WJ IV)

Eirim is delighted to offer a half day course to introduce those test administrators who are new to the WJ-IV. Together we’ll look at the 11 different subtests of this newly available resource as of 2019 to the UK, Irish and EMEA markets available for purchase through, Eirim’s sister company.


This course is ideal for those with little to no experience of the WJ-IV but who have the authority to choose tests for their schools and/or administer tests to students. The WJ-IV is ideal in a one on one setting and is used to identify specific additional learning needs in maths, reading, and writing. Our trainers are also available to bring this course to your group of 10 or more. Please enquire. 


  • Rosemary Browne
    Eirim’s courses are all of the highest quality. Rebecca’s expertise is so apparent in her presentations and she always imparts the information in a clear and unambiguous manner. Thank you, Eirim!
    Rosemary Browne
  • Patricia Timoney
    Very helpful; gives me the confidence to start using this new test. Thanks
    Patricia Timoney
  • Lisa Foley
    Very informative and worthwhile.
    Lisa Foley