Lego Courses

We offer two different types of Lego courses for SENs and professionals that work with Special Needs children. ‘Using Lego to Develop Social & Emotional Skills’ is great for people who want to work more on a one-to-one basis with children and ‘Running Lego Construction Clubs for Students with ASD and Special Needs’ teaches aspects of how to work with children in groups, such as in Lego Clubs that can be created for Special Needs children.


  • Practical applications with well supported use of resources to teach/show/apply.
  • Louise Cox
    Extremely informative & practical.
    Louise Cox
    Teacher with students of ASD
  • Pavashne Mariah
    Practical implementation
    Pavashne Mariah
    Social Worker & Play Therapist Trainer
  • Deirdre
    Great to learn about something that translates exactly into real life experience.
    (Senior SLT)
  • Very useful to structure our existing intervention
  • Maran Kelly-O’Neill
    Presented in a clear concise way
    Maran Kelly-O’Neill
    Chartered Psychologist PSI
  • Sharon Scanlon
    I enjoyed the practical parts of the session & role plays. Can’t wait to start using the approach at work.
    Sharon Scanlon
  • Analisse Cedeno Ameijeiras
    Role play was very easy to understand and gave a lot of ideas for work
    Analisse Cedeno Ameijeiras
  • Very enjoyable and practical
  • Really enjoyed the session, and the opportunities for talk was informative and worthwhile
  • Practical, hands on experience was really helpful to understand the challenges that the children could face.
  • Relaxing yet engaging environment. Hands on practical side of LEGO club.
  • Derek Carney
    Practical ideas and the opportunity to hear more about the background to lego based therapy.
    Derek Carney
    Support teacher in a mainstream primary school
  • Niamh Edge
    What an amazing and engaging day! Such practical and useful advice for inclusion.
    Niamh Edge
    Special Education Teacher
  • Michelle Ruddy
    I feel very informed about LEGO therapy & confident to lead this at school. I am further interested in using this area as a focus for my masters.
    Michelle Ruddy
    Junior Infants Teacher
  • Owen Gibson
    Excellent with plenty of breaks & laughs.
    Owen Gibson
    Carer and Parent
  • Useful strategies for practical use in schools
  • Roisin Folen
    Great ideas for teachers
    Roisin Folen