Educational Psychologist ‘Changed My Life’ and I Want to Give Back

Educational Psychologist ‘Changed My Life’ and I Want to Give Back

I feel compelled to write this because I have witnessed one of the kindest and most selfless acts from someone that walked through our doors.

John is a professional man in his 30’s working within the restaurant trade. He contacted Eirim for an educational assessment because he was experiencing difficulties within his job, he was doubting his ability and his self-confidence was being eroded. He described himself as forgetful and prone to making seemingly careless errors (e.g. taking down restaurant bookings wrong over the phone, and mixing up orders and e-mail bookings). John arranged to meet one of our educational psychologists to gain a better understanding of himself, why he was struggling and how he could help himself.

John reported that he never received any learning support or extra help in school and that he always managed to get along. However, he felt that he under-achieved in school – working hard but never getting great grades.

Results from the educational assessment showed that John was an intelligent man, but he had subtle difficulties processing language. He had no problems reading text but he had difficulties understanding what he read (reading comprehension).  These difficulties explained why he was finding aspects of work difficult.  Strategies for his job were recommended.

A few months after his educational assessment John contacted our office again to say that the assessment with us had ‘changed his life’. He told us that before the assessment, his self-confidence was being eroded and that he always doubted his ability. However, the knowledge the assessment gave him about himself, his strengths/ weaknesses and how he learns, has helped him greatly in his job,  has seen his own self confidence grow and has even spurred him on to write his first book (!).

So why is the above one of the most selfless and kind acts I have witnessed? Following his hugely positive experience John decided to purchase ‘vouchers’ for two full educational assessments from us and donate them to his old primary school. He felt that even though his assessment was massively beneficial to him as an adult, to a child such an assessment would be invaluable – since this is a time when intervention and supports can really make a difference.  Unfortunately, there are many children that need to be assessed but cannot afford to go through the process. However, with his financial support, two children will have an opportunity to go through the educational assessment process and hopefully have the same positive experience that he did. Thank you John.

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