Certificate of Competence in Educational Testing (CCET - Test User)

This 3-day face-to- face course is fast becoming the ‘must have’ for anyone administering or interpreting educational tests. Delivered by experienced Psychologists, it will ensure professionals meet the highest standards in educational assessment and testing.

Accredited by the British Psychological Society (BPS), the Certificate of Competence in Educational Testing — Test User is an internationally recognised course, which is rapidly becoming a ‘must-have’ for individuals administering educational tests. This course will provide participants with background around how psychometric tests are created, how to use the assessments as well as interpret the results. This course is also the first portion of the Specialist Assessor Practicing Certificate (SAP-Cert), which meets JCQ level 7 requirements.
This is offered as an intensive 3-day face-to-face course.
Republic of Ireland, Northern Ireland, England
Appropriate for:
This course is relevant to anyone who works in education and/or who wants to understand and interpret tests. It is particularly suited to teachers, SNAs, SENOs, SENCos, learning support and research teachers, college disability officers or anyone working within the educational setting administering or interpreting psychometric or educational tests.
There is no prerequisite required to take this course.
Coursework, post-coursework and a formal assessment will be required for this training course.
Qualification earned:
Upon successful completion of this course with Éirim, course participants will be awarded the Certificate of Competence in Educational Testing from the British Psychological Society.
€1950 (Ireland)
£1850 (England, Northern Ireland)


  • Carmel Carroll
    Excellent course, also a great refresher on previous statistical knowledge. Gives great insight into how tests are built and used.
    Carmel Carroll
    Disability Officer, Dublin City University
  • Carol Ellis
    Very satisfied with the course, gave in depth knowledge of different styles of tests and the statistics aspects were fantastic. Brilliant and detailed insight into ed psych reports. Broadened knowledge into how it works
    Carol Ellis
    Disability Officer, Dublin City University
  • Nicola Wood
    I found the course extremely worthwhile. I feel more confident that I can assess students and report back on findings. Very professional, interesting and engaging. Well worth doing - it will be very empowering!
    Nicola Wood
    Wesley College, Dublin
  • Tomás Hayes
    Very beneficial for teachers / SEN teachers. Very enjoyable. Very beneficial course where the information / learning can be brought back to the workplace. Good mix of listening / learning and hands on activities.
    Tomás Hayes
    Principal, St. Thomas's National School, Dublin
  • Simone Redmond
    Really enjoyable, very intense but very beneficial. It was very interesting and I've come away with a lot of information. Really opens up your eyes to testing and the work that goes into everything. I now understand where a lot of the information in the manuals come from and how to administer tests and correct them. I can now do things in school that I have not done before.
    Simone Redmond
    Teacher, Willow Park School, Dublin
  • Alison Pigot
    Very detailed and stimulating
    Alison Pigot
    Teacher, The Children's House Montessori Primary School, Dublin
  • Jane Ennis
    I thought the course was excellent. I will feel far more confident interpreting educational psychologist reports. Also more confident about conducting screening and investigating screening options.
    Jane Ennis
    Disability Support Service, NUI Galway
  • Alison Perry, SENCO
    This was an enlightening course.  I have been working with testing and psychology reports for many years and this is the first time that I actually feel confident in understanding test results, their reliability and what they actually mean. You only think you have knowledge about diagnostic testing until you attend this course.
    Alison Perry, SENCO
    Secondary School
  • This course is a must!  It has given me a thorough insight into the reliability of tests which I have used, will not now use and tests I will now buy.
  • Leone Loughran
    Intense but very worthwhile. I feel I have gained invaluable knowledge in relation to educational testing.  I am looking forward to putting all of my knowledge into action and developing my skills.
    Leone Loughran
    Classroom Assistant, Secondary School
  • Noreen McQuaid, Learning Support Teacher
    I was delighted with the course.  It was intense but equally invigorating.  The tutors were excellent, helpful and available for us throughout the days.  This was a thoroughly enjoyable course
    Noreen McQuaid, Learning Support Teacher
    Secondary School
  • Fantastic - very clever explanations of complicated processes.  A lot better understanding of what I am doing and why
  • Lynne Herbison, SENCO
    It is intense but very worthwhile if you are a SENCO as it helps decode Ed Psych reports.
    Lynne Herbison, SENCO
    Primary School

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