Why choose Éirim for your child’s assessment? We ensure your child gets the support they need to flourish!


The team at Éirim understands it’s really important to get the facts, plus timely, quality advice when kids struggle in school. Here are just some of the reasons people choose to work with us:
  • Parents love our caring approach & clear learner improvement plans
  • Schools love our professional quality and approachable team
  • Kids love our fun assessment sessions and often leave feeling happier and more confident in their unique learning abilities


If you are ready to arrange an assessment, please give us a call at 01 499 2217 today. A member of our friendly team will be happy to discuss some of the additional background information that we need from you so we can arrange a suitable date for the assessment.
If you are a teacher or contacting us on behalf of a school, please phone or email to arrange an appointment.

For even more detailed information about our assessment services, please read on here.

call us on (+353) 01-499 2217 for an assessment

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